Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Tariq Qabil said that the economic relations between Egypt and Jordan are witnessing a remarkable development in the rates of intra-trade and joint investments, pointing out that his country is considering establishing an Egyptian-Jordanian logistic center for the reconstruction of Iraq.
“The discussions dealt with the establishment of an Egyptian-Jordanian joint logistic center to contribute to the reconstruction efforts of Iraq during the next phase,” Qabeel was quoted as saying during the talks held by Jordanian Minister of Commerce and Industry Yabar al-Qudah.
Cain stressed the importance of joint efforts to support and develop economic relations between Egypt and Jordan in all fields, based on the comparative advantage of countries and the potential of natural and human and economic large, which include the ease of movement of raw materials and manufactured goods, services and individuals, stressing the need to benefit from the region Greater Arab free trade in increasing trade exchange between the two countries.
“The meeting dealt with the importance of coordination between the Egyptian and Jordanian sides to facilitate trade exchange and joint investments between the two countries,” the minister added, pointing out the importance of activating the mutual recognition agreement signed between the two countries to facilitate trade exchange between Egypt and Jordan.


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