Basrah: Well No. 5 of Saybah gas field was inaugurated


Basra Oil Company announced on Wednesday the start of drilling operations in the field of Saybah gas well / 5 b.
“The Basrah Petroleum Company announced the start of operations in the field of Sibba gas / 5 B, explaining that in the first drilling operations we reached a depth of 1000 meters, then we faced a problem is the sliding soil, Which resulted in the dismantling of the device, and stop operations for two years, and through the recommendations of the laboratories of the University of Basra, which recommended the establishment of concrete pillars with parallel spaces on the sides of the concrete hole of the drilling rig.
“After the implementation of the recommendations of the laboratory of the University of Basra to establish concrete pillars under the main concrete layer of the ZEPC 23, has been done with great efforts to rehabilitate and change the size of the well,” Madi said. The drilling fluid system, which is about 340 cubic meters, to the size of 620 cubic meters to fit and depth of the well engraved in this site.
“The aim of the drilling at the site of Siba 5 is to reach the composition of Yamamah gas content at a depth of 4200 meters and the production of gas from it, and the period scheduled for completion of drilling in Sibba 5 is 90 days according to the program.”
Drilling equipment under the supervision of the examiner (OCS) International is competent to inspect the devices and give points to the condition of the drilling rig, and the contract of drilling wells in the field of Saybah is the responsibility of Schlumberger and Kuwait Energie turnkey way that the development section of Saybah gas field On the coordination of work and direct supervision of drilling operations, and for materials used in drilling operations within the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute.

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