Jordan attributed the delay in the entry of trucks to Iraq for “technical procedures”


A Jordanian government source said Tuesday that the decision to allow Jordanian trucks to enter Iraqi territory was delayed due to “technical measures”.
“The delayed activation of the decision to allow Jordanian trucks to enter Iraqi territory is due to” technical procedures “related to obtaining the visa, in addition to the requirements with other parties and other institutions involved in this subject,” noting that “the Ministry of Transport Finally, I called on the Iraqi authorities to hold a meeting of a joint technical committee comprising all concerned parties from both countries to resolve and overcome obstacles to the movement of transport and trade between the two countries.
The source expected that “the implementation of the decision to allow Jordanian trucks loaded with goods to enter Iraqi territory after the upcoming meeting of the Technical Committee will be implemented, which will contribute to the resolution of all obstacles,” likely to be held in Amman soon meetings of a Jordanian Jordanian Jordanian committee to discuss the obstacles that prevent the activation The decision to allow trucks loaded with goods into the territory of the two countries. ”
The source pointed to the existence of coordination and continuous communication with the Iraqi authorities, stressing that Jordan views Iraq as a strategic partner in various fields on an integrative basis and not competitive.
Last month, the minister of industry, trade and catering, the judges, announced an agreement with the Iraqi authorities on the entry of trucks between the two countries, including truckloads of goods.
It is noteworthy that the Jordanian and Iraqi trucks were before this decision do not enter the borders of the two countries; as the trucks reach a common border area (Exchange Square) and unloading the load of Jordanian trucks with Iraqi and vice versa.

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