The Iraqi Exhibitions Company plans to hold seven exhibitions this March


The Iraqi Exhibitions Company announced on Sunday its intention to set up seven specialized exhibitions in different fields in March.
The director general of the company, Hashem Mohammad Hatem, said in a statement that the Baghdad International Fair will witness during the month of March, the establishment of seven specialized exhibitions in different fields.
He added that he “begins with the exhibition of security and defense for the period 10-13 / 3/2018, followed by the exhibition of agriculture for agricultural production and livestock for the period from 14-21 / 3/2018.”
He added that “the middle of March will also see the opening of the exhibition and conference health services for the period 15-17 / 3/2018 followed by the Iraqi travel market for the period 20-23 / 3/2018 and the first national exhibition of Iraqi universities for the period 26-29 / 3/2018.
He added that the exhibition of fashion and civil beauty will be for the period 27-30 / 3/2018 and will see the end of the month opening of the Baghdad International Book Fair for the period 29/3 to 8/4/2018, which awaits the Iraqi citizen with great passion on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair.
He pointed out that the work of the exhibition company is not limited to Baghdad, but also at the level of the provinces where Basra will witness the opening of the exhibition Bild for construction and reconstruction and the exhibition of oil and gas one period from 5-8 / 3/2018 and the exhibition and the Basra International Festival of Shopping 21-31 / 3/2018 and exhibitions in other provinces. ”
He stressed that “we have a large movement in the field of the establishment of exhibitions under the supervision of Arab and foreign organizers,” noting that “the opposition contribute to the achievement of security and have a significant economic impact and achieve large funds entering the treasury of the state as well as international exhibitions give an opportunity to learn about the Iraqi market and contribute to bring the best sectors For the country. “

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