Arab Gulf, British and US companies show their desire to invest in Karbala


The local administration in Karbala confirmed on Monday the desire of Gulf, British and American companies to invest in the province, while confirming the creation of dozens of investment opportunities in various fields.
Karbala Governor Aqeel al-Turaihi said in a press statement that the Kuwait conference held last month was a good opportunity to meet those concerned with economic and investment issues. Of projects within the grants that were submitted to Iraq.
He pointed to the keenness of the Gulf countries and other countries such as Britain and America to invest in Iraq, especially in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf, noting that Karbala is one of the important provinces and attractive investment and capital and is stable security and the movement of population and economic throughout the year.
Al-Turaihi noted that the province has future oil projects and undiscovered fields, as well as metal projects and various industries and the movement of tourism projects, agricultural and residential, criticizing at the same time what he called the existence of some random in the way of distribution of investment map between the provinces as they were not based on scientific basis and extensive study , As well as the absence of coordination between the National Investment Authority and the provinces to develop appropriate investments for each province, including Karbala.
The governor stressed the existence of dozens of investment opportunities in Karbala, where all possible efforts are made to facilitate the granting of companies to the firm in order to set up various projects.

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