Rafidain Bank issues clarification on loan of education staff


Rafidain Bank said on Sunday that the lifting of the names covered by the loan of five million dinars to the Ministry of Education employees will be in the form of payments.
The bank’s information office said in a statement that “the mechanism to apply for the advance is through the link ttps: //mis.qicard.net/web/loan. and after entering the employee (applicant advance) fill out the electronic form for the grant of the loan will be received an email.”
“After completing the form, the accountant of the concerned employee’s department will collect the forms and pledges after the applicant (the employee) supports these forms for the purpose of obtaining his signature and his fingerprint.”
“After these steps, the accountant of the employee’s department to approve the introduction of applications electronically to the system of discs and the bank and in coordination with the employee’s accountant to withdraw applications from the electronic lending system and payments are disbursed electronically.

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