North Gas Company wants to sell 100 thousand tons of sulfur


The North Gas Company, one of the oil ministry’s formations, announced on Sunday that it will hold an open auction for the sale of 100 thousand tons of sulfur product available to it according to specifications and conditions set by the Sale and Rent of State Funds Law 21 of 2013.
“The auction date will be on 26/3/2018 at 10 am in the sports club hall located in the residential complex of the Northern Gas Company of Kirkuk province,” the company said in a statement.
“Sulfur purity is 99.8%, organic ash 0.08%, 0.12% inorganic ash, light yellow color and quality of molded molds are broken and loaded by the buyer.”
She pointed out that the company to be awarded the tender to pay the amount of the full amount (sales allowance) within (7) days of the date of the deterministic transfer or approval of the Minister, and be committed to load the sulfur procurement after the completion of the procedures of contracting and loading and transport during the period (180) And is also committed to the export of sulfur sifted outside Iraq in accordance with environmental conditions and is not entitled to provide excuses for environmental violations.
The company, which has been awarded the bidding, is committed to the task of breaking down, packing, loading and transporting the material, as well as choosing a border port to secure the export.
However, the North Gas Company is not obliged to compensate for damages or differences that appear as a kind, noting that the assignment is made on the recommendation of the Committee and the approval of the Director General of the North Gas Company and the approval of the Minister of Oil.

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