Iraq and Iran signed an agreement to facilitate trade exchange between the two countries.


According to a statement by the Iranian Customs Authority, a joint working group between the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iraqi Border Ports Authority has been formed to resolve the dispute between the Director-General of the Iranian Customs Frood Askari and the General Director of Iraqi Customs Munther Abdul-Amir Asad. Some border problems.
The statement added that “the Director of Customs of Iran and Iraq signed a seven-item agreement aimed at solving the problems facing the transport of goods and passengers between the two countries, and increase the customs working hours and the number of shifts if necessary on holidays, and the application of specifications accepted by both sides based on the agreements concluded, The establishment of sanitary and laboratory units and quarantine at the border posts, the rapid transit of vehicles, the transfer of commercial exchanges to the border strip between the two countries and the joint efforts to prevent drug trafficking. ”
“The agreement also stipulates that the Joint Working Group shall meet every three months alternately in one of the two countries,” he said.

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