Four food items were excluded from sales tax in the 2018 budget


The General Authority for Taxes announced the exclusion of 4 foodstuffs from the sales tax imposed in the financial budget for 2018.
The director of the General Authority for Taxation, Abbas Ali success, in a press statement transferred by the (Iraqi News Agency Information / INA), “The Commission was keen to exclude materials of rice, flour, oil and sugar of the sales tax, amounting to five percent within what was approved in the state budget for the year Present”.
She explained that “this measure came to the importance of these materials as they relate to the food security of citizens.”
She denied “adding any tax deductions to the salaries of employees and retirees and only the previous deductions and on the basis of nominal salary.”
The House of Representatives voted in favor of the draft of the financial budget for 2018 on March 3, and Article 17 / III – A- (a 5% sales tax applies to all goods sold except the ration card items in Malls, Provided in the salons of men and women and all the parties referred to the acquisition of electronic Kashir machine.

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