Abadi adviser: Customs exemption amounted to 2.5 billion dollars annually


The financial adviser to the prime minister, Mudhir Mohammed Saleh, said that the customs exemption amounts to 2.5 billion dollars annually, pointing out that the tax return is 500 million dollars annually.
Saleh said in an interview that “the average customs revenues over the past ten years does not exceed 500 million dollars,” noting that “if the reconstruction fee imposed at the time of the civil administrator Bremer was applied as an alternative to the tariff to an average annual return of $ 2.5 billion instead Of 500 million dollars. ”
He added that “the problem facing the country is to evade payment of customs duties in exchange for paying bribes or others, as well as the expansion of the customs exemption base to the limit of 3 trillion dinars (2.5 billion dollars).”

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