Jordan’s Aqaba is involved in the reconstruction of Iraq


Steven Yogalingham, Chief Executive Officer of Aqaba Container Terminal Company, said the port is a safe and efficient route for delivering goods to Iraq from around the world.
He added in an interview that the time required by the containers coming to Iraq through the port of Aqaba does not exceed 36 hours, from the moment the arrival of the vessel until the arrival of the container to the border crossing of the border crossing between Jordan and Iraq, including the St.
“But as a result of the regional situation, the handling rate in the Gulf of Aqaba, when Jordan was a vital artery for Iraq’s supply of goods, as well as for Syria, before the border crossing of Trebil with Iraq was closed in 2014, is slowly gaining momentum. Today deal with 800 thousand containers per year ».
He pointed out that «the port of Aqaba capacity to absorb any additions in the proportion of handling, thanks to the availability of equipment and qualified human resources». “We see ourselves as a secure and effective corridor to Iraq. We are carrying out all handling procedures from the moment the container arrives at the port of Aqaba, in addition to the supply chain and the arrival of the container to the Trebil border with Iraq within 36 hours, The province achieved, “noting that in the« very important for those who wanted to reach the Iraqi market as well as the Syrian ».

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