Basra Petroleum Company announces the imminent implementation of a strategic project using seawater in the extraction processes


The Basra oil company announced on Friday the imminent implementation of a “major strategic” project for the use of seawater in the extraction of oil, while expected to complete the project by 2022.
The company said in a press statement that “the sea water project received the necessary government support for its implementation, which is a giant strategic projects and important to support the reservoir pressure of oil fields in the south,” indicating that “the project was completed two years ago, and mid-month next will open the tender And is scheduled to be completed and pumping sea water to the oil fields by 2022.
“The project will be implemented in two phases, the first phase is to pump about five million barrels of seawater per day to oil fields in the province of Basra,” the company added, “In the second phase 2.5 million barrels of sea water are pumped into fields in the provinces of Basra Maysan and Dhi Qar “.
“The project will provide an alternative to the surface and groundwater used in the oil fields,” the company said.

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