The water levels in the Mosul dam have decreased by more than 1.5 billion cubic meters


The director of the Mosul dam project on Friday revealed that the storage water levels in the dam have dropped to more than 1.5 billion cubic meters, pointing out that the dam did not benefit the dam last month.
“The storage water levels in the dam have fallen to more than one and a half billion cubic meters, where the reservoir now stands at two billion and 500 million cubic meters, after it was about 4 billion last year out of 11 million, which is the absorptive capacity of the dam,” Riad Ezzeddine said in an interview. , Referring to that “the release of quantities are limited to 200 to 350 cubic meters per second and this amount is linked to the water policy set by the Ministry of Water Resources.”
He added that “the fall of rain on Iraq will not benefit the Mosul Dam because the majority of the rain fell in the center and south of the country and imports of the Mosul dam comes from southern Turkey,” explaining that “the quantities of water coming from Turkey is good as it reaches about 500 cubic meters per second, That the fall of rain in large quantities in southern Turkey raises the water power from Turkey to Iraq through the Tigris River.
He added that “the Italian company is working jointly with the Iraqi side in the work of filling the foundations for the Mosul dam and that the work and foundations are serious and business is going according to what is planned by the Italian and Iraqi side,” stressing that “Iraq is living a drought, but the fall of rain in the past days contributed Raising the water levels in the Tigris and also contributed to the process of irrigating crops for the current season. ”
The dam was built by a joint German-Italian company 30 km north-west of the city of Mosul. The company estimated the dam to be 80 years old. The city of Mosul is the center of Nineveh province, 50 km north of Baghdad. With its construction completed in 1986, and a length of 3.2 km and a height of 131 meters, and is the largest dam in Iraq and the fourth largest dam in the Middle East.

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