Iraqi Ministry of Electricity renews its contract with Iran to import energy


The Ministry of Electricity announced on Thursday the renewal of the contract to import electricity from Iran.
“Minister of Electricity Qassem Mohammad Al-Fahdawi received the Iranian delegation headed by Minister of Industry and Commerce Mohammad Shariata Madari, in the presence of Iranian Ambassador Iraj Masjedi and the official of the economic file between Iraq and Iran, Hassan Danei Far,” the ministry said in a statement.
He added that “an expanded meeting was held between the two sides attended by the advanced owners in the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and the Iranian Ministry of Energy accompanying the delegation, and discussed ways of joint cooperation between Iraq and Iran in the field of electric power and overcome the obstacles and push to strengthen the relationship to serve the electrical systems of Iraq and Iran, For their discussion of the interlinkages between the two countries. ”
“It was agreed to renew the contract to import electricity from Iran for an additional year of the same four lines currently operating.”

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