44 billion shares volume of trading in the Iraqi market for securities during the month of February


The Iraqi Stock Exchange, on Thursday, the circulation of 44 billion shares worth 38 billion dinars during the month of February.
The Stock Exchange’s executive director, Taha Ahmed Abdulsalam, said in a press statement that “the stock market organized 20 trading sessions in February, where the number of companies listed in the market (101) companies and the number of listed shares (11) trillion shares,” asserting that ” Banking accounted for 73% of shares and telecommunications 19%.
“The number of companies traded in the market (60) joint-stock companies and the number of companies that have not traded shares (19) companies for the incompatibility of the offer with the request.”
Abdul Salam said that the number of shares traded (44) billion shares, while the value of shares traded (38) billion dinars and the number of contracts executed (13) thousand contract, “explaining that trading focused on shares (11) companies at levels exceeded one billion shares 9 billion shares, including nine banks (the Bank of Baghdad with a number of shares of 9.265 billion shares, Gulf Commercial Bank with 6.142 billion shares, the Islamic Bank of Iraq with 6.129 billion shares, Middle East Bank with 5.857 billion shares, Islamic Holding Bank with 4,800 shares Billion shares, Crescent Industrial Company with shares of 1.790 billion shares, the North Bank with a number of shares 1.486 billion shares, Baghdad The number of shares of 1.466 billion shares, chemical and plastic industries with 1.331 billion shares, the Iraqi Investment Bank with 1.198 billion shares, Mansour Bank with 1.089 billion shares.
Abdul Salam said that mostly buying levels of foreigners and Iraqis have been racing to strengthen investment portfolios at a time when the market indices have started to rise since mid-January 2018 and move towards recovery of what was traded at the end of 2017, Move indicators of the Iraqi economy through the adoption of the budget for 2018 and move towards foreign investment in the reconstruction of infrastructure in Iraq.

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