The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers restricts the supply of ministries and provincial councils with the waste compartments produced at the General Company for Hydraulic Industries


The General Company for Hydraulic Industries, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the establishment of a work plan for the implementation of the pillars of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, including the inventory of the processing of ministries and institutions of the State and all the provincial councils with waste compresses produced by the company mentioned.
The Director General of the company’s engineer Haider Nasser displayed in a special statement to the media center in the ministry that the issuance of this uncles came efforts and follow-up directly by the Minister of Industry and Minerals Engineer Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese and after visits and meetings with Mrs. Amina Baghdad and a number of gentlemen officials in the Municipality of Baghdad and the departments of municipal and who have shown, in turn, needed support and rapid response, articulating the development of the work of the Court and a deliberate plan for the rise of the energies of quality and specifications according to the generalization of and meet the demands of the consumer and the desire of the authorities concerned, pointing at the same time that the company has a complete line of manufacturing Cap S expertise in the field of manufacturing hydraulic systems for all specialized equipment and machines, showing the possibility and readiness to meet the local need in quantities and specifications required.
He stressed apparent keenness of his company and its determination to attract international companies, solid to develop their potential and their production lines and raise the capacity and reduce production costs and create new products, adding that the company has up to (25) investment opportunity was hauling part of them and another department in the process of preparation of feasibility and other studies in the process of completing the procedures According to the law, stressing at the same time that in the event of completion of partnership contracts and planned investment there will be a quantum leap in the work and production of the company.

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