Ministry of Communications launched 30 thousand light lines for marketing in Baghdad


The Ministry of Communications announced Tuesday that it has put up 30,000 light lines to procrastinate on the Karkh side of Baghdad.
“The General Company for Telecommunications has completed the final stages of the optical access (FTTH) project and has become about 30 thousand light lines in the Karkh side of Baghdad at the sites of Kadhimiya and freedom ready for marketing to citizens and government institutions,” the ministry said in a statement.
“The project is part of the Huawei Optoelectronic Project for the decade 14/2011 and is distributed to the shops (416,420,420,424,434,428,432,434,436) in the area of ​​freedom and shops (413, 415, 411) With 64 cabins and a total of 509 and total capacity of the external network (32576) and the internal network of 30,000 light lines. ”
The statement pointed out that “the process of marketing lines will start by Sky Horizon, the official partner of the Ministry of Communications and in a manner of partnership with the private sector to equip the citizen with the various services provided by this project.”
The Ministry of Communications called on citizens to submit applications through the marketing offices of the company marketed and distributed in a number of Karkh areas, pointing out that “this project is part of a strategic project of the Ministry of Communications. The optical cable provides a number of distinguished services. “He said.

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