Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers takes decisions concerning the agriculture and gas sector


The Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday a number of agricultural and gas decisions.
The committee said in a statement that it “approved the request of the Ministry of Agriculture to open the import of bran and barley barley by the private sector for a year to fill the shortage of animal feed because of insufficient local product and to meet the need of fanciers,” noting that ” On livestock and maintain the stability of meat prices. ”
“The committee also agreed to reduce the prices of gas used in brick factories to 100 dinars per cubic meter instead of 150 dinars,” adding that “the objective behind it to encourage the brick industry in Iraq and move from the use of black oil to gas and promote the gas sector.”
It is worth mentioning that the ministerial economic affairs committee includes the ministers of finance, oil, industry, minerals and agriculture, as well as the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the National Investment Authority, the economic adviser to the prime minister and the agents of the ministries of planning and trade.

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