200 Iranian companies wish to implement projects in the province


Babil Investment Authority announced the desire of 200 Iranian companies to establish projects in various areas in the province.
The head of the investment of Babylon, Nasr Hamoud al-Anzi said in a statement that “200 Iranian companies solid expressed willingness to invest in Babylon within the economic, industrial, agricultural, transportation and health,” noting that “dealing with these companies will have many positive implications, notably the advancement of these areas and create opportunities Work, as well as gain experience by creating vital and important projects. ”
He added that “companies will visit the province and learn about the investment reality and coordination between them and the concerned authorities to expedite the facilitation of routine procedures for its work and the implementation of various projects.”
For his part, member of the Council of Babylon, Hassan Shaker, said that “coordination with Iranian companies was through the Iranian government and one of its banks and not through private companies to ensure the safety of projects that will be implemented,” noting that “the Council in turn will provide logistical support to those companies and support the establishment of projects Vital. “

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