Jaafari from Moscow: Iraq welcomes projects including with Rosneft


Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in Moscow on Wednesday that Baghdad was ready to work with any company interested in supporting the country in response to a question about Russia’s Rosneft activities.
“We do not close the door to any company that wants to help us,” he told a news conference in Moscow on a report in the Russian media that Igor Sechin, director of oil giant Rosneft, may visit Iraq.
The oil minister, Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi, said that the doors of the ministry are open to the international oil companies to participate in and contribute to investment projects for the rehabilitation of oil pipelines, the establishment of refineries, gas investment and rehabilitation of infrastructure, during a meeting with Vice President and Regional Director of Russian company Rosneft “Didier Kasimiro” .
The minister said that the ministry will not object to the company’s desire to expand its work in all fields of the province of Kirkuk, after coordination and agreement with British company BP.
Al-Allaibi pointed out that all contracts and agreements in Iraqi territory must be carried out through the federal government and the Ministry of Oil and that all countries and international companies should respect and do not deviate from it.
Rosneft has contracts in the Kurdistan region, where a controversial referendum on the region’s independence sparked tensions with Baghdad.

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