The Minister of Planning discussed with the German Ambassador the provision of stability requirements for the affected areas


Planning Minister Salman Jumaili on Monday called on German companies to provide more support to Iraq in order to provide for the stability and reconstruction of the affected areas.
Al-Jumaili discussed a number of issues during his meeting with German Ambassador to Iraq Cyril Nun and President of the German Development Corporation (GIZ) Johannes Schneider. “The relations between Iraq and Germany are strong and distinct. And support for the displaced. ”
He added that “the government has set clear directions to support and develop and enable the private sector to be a development partner in the processes of achieving the required development, especially in the liberated areas.” There are many measures taken by the government to enshrine the principles of good governance and promote decentralized administration and work to open the horizons for investment to implement Important strategic projects that will achieve development and provide employment opportunities for young people and protect them from extreme currents, as well as achieving community reconciliation and moving ahead with the implementation of development projects throughout Iraq. ”
He stressed that “the need for liberated areas to rehabilitate schools and health centers and hospitals and build bridges and other services to provide a suitable environment for stability and the return of all displaced persons to their areas,” stressing that “the achievement of security and stability in Iraq is reflected positively positively on the countries of the region and the world, Because Iraq is an important source of energy and it represents an important geographical location for air navigation and a dry channel between East and West. ”
He called on Germany to “provide financial, advisory and technical support to the efforts of the Ministry of Planning in the development of the private sector and the strengthening of decentralized administration and the involvement of civil society organizations in the processes of development in Iraq, as well as the development of the investment climate and economic empowerment of young people and work on the rehabilitation of university buildings in liberated provinces Because the universities represent important scientific and cultural centers that contribute to drying up the sources of extremism and achieving development in Iraq. ”
For his part, German Ambassador Cyril Nun expressed his country’s readiness to provide more support and assistance to the Iraqi government to enable it to carry out its development programs in the liberated areas, revealing the existence of a number of projects funded by the German government, including the construction of a number of schools and clinics in Nineveh province.
“The Agency is working to finance a range of important humanitarian projects in Iraq, especially in the liberated areas, especially in the areas of education and health, the return of displaced persons, support to the private sector and the strengthening of administrative and financial capacities of local governments in the provinces,” said Johannes Schneider, head of the German Development Agency. And the empowerment of development sectors through consultations and capacity development, “stressing that” the German government attaches great importance to Iraq and seeks to support it at all levels. “

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