Muthanna province revealed an agreement to hold an economic conference inside the country


The local government of Muthanna, on Saturday, the existence of an agreement to hold an economic conference in Iraq, similar to the Kuwait conference held recently, to invite Iraqi and Arab companies to contribute to the reconstruction of the country and offer investment opportunities available to those companies.
“A number of provinces have agreed during the Kuwait conference to hold a conference called by Iraqi companies in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce to present the opportunities available to these companies,” Governor Faleh al-Ziadi said in a press statement.
He pointed out that “Al-Muthanna presented during the Kuwait Conference a presentation on the investment map in the province with pledges to simplify procedures and provide the necessary protection for companies wishing to work in the province.”
He pointed out that “the province is in the process of coordinating the issuance of visas to enter some owners of companies and business figures to come to the province and to hold direct meetings with them and to inform them in a field on the investment opportunities currently available.”

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