Al-Abbadi: Basra will have the largest share of investments, projects and job creation


The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, that the province of Basra will have a large share in investment and projects and the provision of jobs, which confirmed that there is a global trend to support Iraq.
“The establishment of security is very important in economic development,” said Abbadi, during a speech in Basra Operations Command, stated that “Basra province will have a large share in investment, projects and job creation.”
“Basra is an important province and an economic base. There is a global trend to support Iraq and Basra will be one of the most important provinces for which projects are allocated,” Abbadi said, referring to the “leaders and fighters for what they have done and doing for the security of the visual citizen.”
“We have to impose security while respecting the people of Basra and enforce the law to arrest those wanted,” he said. “Iraq is now stronger and more united, and we can rise to economic reality after security is restored.”
The Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi, said today that there are important projects to be completed in the province of Basra, which are Zubair streams and pipes Qibla and the road and the Iraqi water project Basra and many other projects, in addition to providing employment opportunities.

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