A Russian industrial and trade delegation will visit Baghdad next month


Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Haider Hadi announced that a Russian industrial and trade delegation will visit Baghdad next month.
“A Russian business delegation headed by Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade will visit Baghdad mid-next month,” the agency quoted Hadi as saying. “This visit will be important to the delegation.”
He added that “the delegation’s visit comes to hold official meetings in Baghdad to introduce investment opportunities, and the possibilities to enter the market from Iraq.”
“The visit will be preceded by the seventh session of the Iraqi-Russian government committee to be held in Moscow next week,” he said, adding that “Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari will lead an Iraqi delegation to Moscow.”
The Iraqi-Russian Joint Committee on October 25, 2017, held a meeting in the Russian capital Moscow headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Iraqi side and Vice President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin on the Russian side in preparation for holding the seventh session of the Committee’s work.
Iraq is associated with historical relations with Russia dating back to the 1940s, when diplomatic relations were established between Iraq and the Soviet Union at the time, and Iraq later became one of the most important importers of Soviet military equipment, and developed these relations during the past years, especially in the field of investment in oil and electricity, Russian companies in licensing rounds to invest oil and gas in a number of Iraqi provinces.

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