Kurdistan reveals the size of its daily profits from tourists in central and southern Iraq


The Tourism Directorate of Suran in the Kurdistan region, Tuesday, the profits earned by the region in return for tourists from the south and center of the country, noting that the tourism sector recovered during the winter season, contrary to the expected.
“Our daily revenue of 100 million dinars from the central and southern cities is made by tourists who come to the region directly in our markets, and we can say that the tourism sector is enjoying a good recovery at the moment,” said Barzan Mohammed, director of Tourism Suran, .
“Apart from the economic crisis and the lack of snowfall, the number of winter tourists is increasing,” he said. “The private sector has laid the foundations for winter tourism in the mountainous regions, and tourists are looking for more change and service.”
A total of 100 tourist companies daily organizes tourist trips for a large number of tourists coming to northern Iraq, and the cost of daily accommodation for each tourist about 35 thousand dinars, which led to active movement in tourist sites in the region

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