Banking sector leads the Iraqi bourse to rise by 0.20%


Shares of National Bank and Mosul Bank led the bourse to rise, Monday, for a second day in a row, 0.20% at 637.18 points.
The exchange traded 1.015 billion shares valued at 1.414 billion dinars. The session saw the trading of 33 companies out of 101 companies listed in the market.
Al-Ahli Bank shares rose by 3.64%, Al-Mosal Bank contributed 3.33%, Al-Hilal Industrial was down 3.33%, while Asia Telecom fell 9.91%, Gulf Insurance fell 5.08% and Mineral and Bicycle shares declined 4.76%.
The number of shares purchased by non-Iraqi investors amounted to 284 million shares valued at JD636 million through the execution of 99 transactions on 7 companies. The number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors reached 87 million shares, (128) million dinars through the implementation of (9) deal on the shares of two companies.

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