Basra oil: project to establish the station “Hamar Musharraf” in its final stages


Basra Petroleum Company and Zubayr Company announced on Saturday the arrival of the construction of the Hamar Musharraf plant to its final stages with a capacity of 200,000 barrels and 140 million cubic meters of associated gas daily.
“The giant plant has adopted the highest international standards in the production of oil and technical capabilities very sophisticated has been added to the oil heaters to improve the insulation system and consists of four banks capacity of 50 thousand barrels per day, and units to address Water 240 thousand barrels per day to deal with the accompanying water and washing water to prevent any pollution resulting from the oil operations and exploitation of all the water associated with this site, and contains a station to inject water with a capacity of 450 thousand barrels per day, a large energy needed by oil operations to sustain the pressure reservoir J in the field “.
He explained that “the station also includes three flow tanks capacity of 60 thousand barrels and implemented with high technical capabilities, and two sophisticated systems, one of the control and electronic control, and the other integrated extinguishing system has been implemented to the highest scientific and technical standards approved globally.”
Abbas explained that the plant will absorb the oil produced from the wells near it and located north of the Zubair oil field, which will see according to the plan planned to dig 150 wells in the next four years, where the share of this part of the field will be 45 wells.
“The station produces 200,000 barrels per day and the quantities of gas ranging between 130-140 cubic meters per day, the plant carries all the specifications of environmental protection, in addition to the gas burning will be very few not exceeding five or Four barrels, which is almost negligible and most of the gas will be invested and sent to the South Gas Company responsible for the production and export of gas.

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