Kuwait conference leads the Iraqi stock market to rise


The general index of the Iraqi bourse rose from its rise for the second session in a row, closing Wednesday, up 0.6%, at the level of 631.99, winning 3.79 points, because of the positive results obtained by Iraq at the Kuwait conference.
The performance of the index was followed by a rise of 15 shares, by Asia Telecom 9.93%, Industrial Crescent 6.67%, Mosul for Game Cities 6.62% and Northern and Consolidated Bankers by 4.76% and 4.55% respectively.
On the other hand, 3 shares, led by meat production and marketing, fell by 6.14%, followed by Gulf Bank by 2.86%, followed by chemicals and plastics by 1.67%.
The day’s trading volume and value jumped, through 2.08 billion shares, worth 3.09 billion dinars, compared with 1.28 billion shares, worth 1.206 billion dinars in Tuesday’s session.
The Bank of Baghdad continued to top the list of activity volume for the second session in a row, trading 583.96 million shares, while the Babylon Hotel shares liquidity, worth 1.52 billion shares, controlling 49% of the liquidity of the market today.
The number of shares purchased by foreign investors reached 285.01 million shares, worth KD 388.82 million, through 118 transactions on 6 companies.
While the number of shares sold by foreign investors 155 million shares, worth 108.5 million dinars, through the implementation of 78 transactions on the shares of one company.

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