Al-Abbadi: Investment law in Iraq is the best in the region


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that the investment law in Iraq is considered the best in the region.
Abadi said in his speech at the end of the Iraq reconstruction conference held in Kuwait that “Iraq includes significant investment opportunities in all provinces and try to activate investment to activate the wheel of the economy and increase production and create jobs,” noting that “the government is keen to support the private sector and launched a cabinet package Measures to improve the investment environment in Iraq and will show their effects on streamlining procedures. ”
He added that “the partnership between the private sector and the public has been approved and approved the structure of public companies,” noting that “slack hit the productivity of public companies and we will take several measures to reduce them.”
He pointed out that “we will through the Higher Committee for Investment and Reconstruction to follow up the accuracy of implementation and transparency of the procedures facing investment, and the experience of the availability of some investors reflect the real will to enter the investment sector and expand to large companies with the Iraqi private sector.”
He stressed that “this conference the beginning of the great start of the reconstruction of Iraq and we look forward to the presence of companies in Iraq,” explaining that “investment in Iraq will help with the reconstruction of Iraq.”

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