The head of the committee to follow up the Jordanian export issues to Iraq, Hassan al-Samadi, said Tuesday that the value of goods exported through the border crossing of Trebil by 14.1 million dollars in 2017.
Al-Samadi said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper that the number of customs data completed since the beginning of the year reached about 526 for goods transported by 840 trucks. He pointed out that the goods exported to Iraq via Trebil come from different sectors, mainly detergents, vegetables, fruits, plastics and iron. He pointed out that the Jordanian trucks are not currently entering Iraq, but reach the border and transport goods to other trucks, which ensures the transfer into Iraqi territory, and the rate of transit up to 40 trucks a day.
Al-Smadi said that Iraq is one of the most important trading partners of Jordan, which is the main nerve of the Jordanian industry, and enjoys the priority and priority of many Jordanian traders, importers and industrialists, and they prefer him to others.
Taribil is the only land crossing linking the flow of commercial goods between Jordan and Iraq and closed in 2015 because of the security situation.
Jordanian traders expressed dismay at the continuation of Iraq’s imposition of fees on Jordanian products, which negatively affect the increase in trade exchange between the two countries, and stressed that many of them are waiting for the exemption of Jordanian products from customs duties, which led to the postponement of exports to Iraq.
The Iraqi government imposes customs duties ranging from 5 to 80 percent on all goods entering its territory, regardless of the exporting countries. The Jordanian goods are charged with customs duties of about 30 percent, despite the existence of the two trade agreements between the two countries and the Greater Arab Free Trade. These agreements exempt Jordanian products from any fees when entering the Iraqi market.


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