NGOs pledge more than $ 300 million to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq


Non-governmental organization donations to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq reached more than $ 300 million on Monday, with the launch of a meeting of international and Arab organizations to discuss the latest humanitarian situation and response efforts in conjunction with the donors conference for reconstruction of Iraq.
Kuwait’s Al-Salam Charity Society has pledged $ 15 million to the NGO Conference to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq, the Kuwait Relief Society has pledged 10 million dollars, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society will provide 2.5 million dollars $ 10 million, the Direct Aid Association 10 million, and Al Najat Charity Association 10 million.
The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Zakat House and the General Secretariat of Endowments pledged $ 35 million during the conference, while the International Committee of the Red Cross pledged to implement programs worth $ 130 million and the Kuwait Reform Society for 10 million dollars. Millions of dollars.
The Kuwait Heritage Revival Society made a pledge of $ 10 million and the Kuwaiti Patient Benefit Fund was $ 5 million.
At the end of the meeting, the NGO Conference announced that it had raised $ 330,130 million to provide humanitarian support to Iraq.
The Kuwait conference of donors for the reconstruction of Iraq began on Monday with the participation of hundreds of countries and international and regional organizations, which will continue until Wednesday.

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