An electronic oil control system with international specifications in Basra


Basra Petroleum Company announced the establishment of an electronic control system with international standards in the Ben Omar River station in the province.
A statement by the company that “the staffs of the Basra Oil Company / Department of Control and Systems in the field of Ben Omar River has worked to modernize the control system in the field stations and working by air pressure and replaced by electronic system is the latest in the world in this area.
The statement quoted the head of senior engineers, Amal Abdel-Sahib Abdel Aziz, the Division of Control and Systems in the field of the Ben-Omar River, saying “at the request of the production department to update the previous control system that operates by air pressure with a modern electronic system where was contracted with SSE Italian to equip and install these The system with the support and supervision of the systems control section of the Ben Omar River. ”
“With the new system, the operator only monitors the control room via an electronic screen, eliminating the need for permanent operators on the site, as is the case with the previous system, which reduces the effort and time on the workers and allows the new system to easily locate the faults and their return, On that part of the station and this provides a fast response to repair failures. ”
Engineer Alaa Tahseen, from the control and systems department in the Ben Omar field, said: “According to the contract with the implementing company, our staff supports and supports the Italian company responsible for implementing the project. It also performs preliminary and supplementary tasks for the company’s work. From devices to boxing connections, and all work related to the installation of devices and the areas of connections and valves and replace.
He added that “his work staff continue to support the work of SSE and that they try as much as possible to reduce the need to stop the work of the plant completely and that their work depends on isolating the parts of the station in stages to work and then return the part that was stopped to work after the completion of the company.
“We have completed 90 per cent of the work entrusted to us and we are now in the process of following up with the Italian company,” Tahseen added.
“The system controls all parts of the plant: the insulation stages, the pumps, the oil reservoirs and at each stage the pressures and levels of oil, gas and water,” he said. And temperatures “.
The project manager of SSE Iraq Branch Engineer Iyad Tariq said: “This system of the latest in the global production within the control systems and the company SERA Electronique SSE Italian company mainly we have equipped this system of international companies, mostly European, especially German and Italian, The use of first-time transponders, a new system for measuring the flow through pipelines for both oil and gas. ”
He pointed out that “the contract concluded with the Basra Oil Company from three parts: the processing of materials with a period of 224 days and then the examination of these materials with 30 days and 105 days to work on installing the system, has reached the completion rate is currently more than 50%.

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