The stock market records a rise in the value and number of shares traded


The Iraqi Stock Exchange has recorded a remarkable rise over the last week and is making progress in the ISX 60 index.
The number of companies listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange is 101, of which 73 are listed in the regular market and 28 are listed on the second market. Last traded shares (48) companies in the systemic market and (5) companies in the second market to become the number of companies suspended from trading because of their commitment to provide annual and quarterly disclosure of the Authority and the market (22) companies
The number of shares traded for last week reached (11,335) shares compared to (5,773) billion shares for the week before which it increased by (96.3%), while the value of shares traded last week (7,610) billion dinars compared to (4,575) Which was also higher (66.3%).
The number of transactions executed last week reached (4055) transactions compared to (2474) for the week before, while the ISX 60 index closed last week of (628.13) points, up by (4.1%) from the close of the week before when Close at (603.48) points.
Shares of non-Iraqi investors between Abdulsalam and Al-Salam Bank reached 3.041 billion shares, up by 28% compared to the previous week, at a value of JD 3.884 billion through the execution of 906 transactions on shares of 15 high- The number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors last week reached (3.107) billion shares, up by 114% compared to the previous week. The value of (1) billion dinars through the implementation of (403) deal on Shares (8) companies also rose by 38%.

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