Kuwaiti official announces the participation of 330 investment companies in the reconstruction of Iraq


Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CBCC) Director General Rabah Al-Rabah announced on Tuesday the participation of 330 Kuwaiti companies seeking to know about the investment opportunities in Iraq, pointing out that “Kuwaiti companies represent various sectors from investment bodies, banks, contractors and specialized parties in the field of energy.”
Rabah said that “the chamber will hold a special meeting Sunday with the Kuwaiti private sector to inform him of the investment opportunities available in Iraq, which will be presented at the Kuwait International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq.”
He added that “this meeting precedes the general conference organized by the Chamber in cooperation with the National Authority for Investment in Iraq, the World Bank and Kuwait Fund for Economic Development to present investment opportunities in Iraq entitled (Invest in Iraq).
Rabah said that “the Chamber considered it appropriate to inform the Kuwaiti private sector of what will be presented at the Conference (Invest in Iraq) before the appointment through a joint meeting at the headquarters of the Chamber to learn about the proximity of investment projects in Iraq.
The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry is scheduled to hold an investment conference in Iraq next Tuesday with the participation of a large number of international companies representing 50 countries, where the Iraqi side will offer investment opportunities available to the private sector.
The “Invest in Iraq” conference will be held at the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which will be held from the 12th to the 14th of this month, with an investment of about 85 billion dollars with the support of the World Bank.

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