The possibility of starting the Basra metro project was discussed


Basra province discussed with a French company the possibility of starting the implementation of the [Metro Basra] after the preparation of the appropriate ground for him.
“The first deputy governor of Basra, Mohammed Taher al-Tamimi, received the executive director of Alstom French company Marc Grost and the regional general manager of Orascom Construction Company and the director of railway in the southern region in his official office in the province to discuss ways to activate the memorandum of implementation of the Basra Metro.
The statement quoted Tamimi as saying, “During the meeting, they discussed a number of technical subjects in order to ground the appropriate configuration to start the implementation of Basra Metro project, pointing out the necessity of activating the paragraphs of the memorandum of understanding signed earlier between the governor and the company to implement the project on the ground after the project was discussed With the prime minister and the French government in Paris. ”
Al-Tamimi said that “the need to address the Council of Ministers regarding the implementation of the project in the future and in two stages and the role of the Ministry of Technical Transport to study the feasibility and fixation or modification of the tracks, the system of the number of trains and stations where the train will be stopped and the implementation period, Zubayr, Shatt al-Arab, Abi al-Khasib, Qurnah and Madinah with Basra center.
The first deputy governor said that the project of the suspension train is considered one of the vital and important projects in the province of Basra because of its importance on the economic, investment and regional levels, noting that it aims to transfer the province to an advanced level similar to other countries that use this modern means of public transport, And in particular that it will benefit the students of universities and institutes and all citizens who suffer from the traffic momentum witnessed by the streets of Basra.
Al-Tamimi expressed his hope that this project will enter as soon as possible to achieve the hope of Al-Basrain, and get rid of the phenomenon of traffic congestion that is disturbing their daily lives, stressing that the train suspended in the event of completion will eliminate the state of traffic momentum witnessed in most of the streets of Basra.

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