Iraqi Stock Exchange closed at 0.51%


The Iraqi stock market closed Wednesday, down 0.51 percent at 629.11.
The stock exchange traded 37 companies out of 101 companies listed on the market, and the number of shares traded 2.9 billion shares worth 1.6 billion dinars.
The shares of metal and bicycles rose by 10%, the production and marketing of meat by 10% and Mosul for gaming cities by 9.77%. Baghdad for packaging materials decreased by 6.25%, Bank of the North by 4.35% and Babil Bank by 3.45%.
The number of shares bought by foreign investors reached 766.8 million shares, worth KD 568.5 million, through 183 transactions on 9 companies.
While the number of shares sold by foreign investors 1 billion shares, worth 454.5 million dinars, through the implementation of 113 transactions on the shares of five companies.

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