KUWAIT: 2300 international companies participate in Iraq reconstruction conference


The Advisor of the Kuwaiti Prince, confirmed on Tuesday, the participation of 2300 international companies in the Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq.
The Iraqi Journalists Association said in a statement that “the adviser of the Amir of Kuwait Mohammed Abu al-Hassan said during a meeting with the President of the Journalists Muayyad al-Lami and the media delegation the participation of 2300 major international companies and more than 70 countries in Iraq reconstruction conference in Kuwait.”
The head of Iraqi media delegation arrived in Kuwait on Monday to complete preparations for the Iraq reconstruction conference.
The State of Kuwait is scheduled to witness during the month of February to host a conference of donor countries to support the reconstruction of Iraq, and includes the conference to provide a report by the Iraqi government on the amount of destruction and the amounts required for the completion of reconstruction projects.

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