Iraq will present an investment map for the reconstruction of cities at the Kuwait Conference


The head of the National Investment Commission Sami Araji, Tuesday, that Iraq will be presented during the donor conference in Kuwait amounts required to reconstruct the liberated areas, with the investment map in all governorates.
“Iraq has put forward an investment vision to be presented at the donor conference in Kuwait in cooperation with the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and some major international bodies,” Araji said in a press statement. As a result of military operations and criminality especially in the areas occupied by the second document is the amounts required for reconstruction, noting that these documents were conducted accurate field studies and in cooperation with the World Bank and the United Nations according to accurate estimates.
“The other document is about the investment environment in Iraq, where the focus is on the investment map in the provinces of the country, pointing at the same time,” The private sector has been affected a lot during the past years in the absence of investment budget, in contrast, investors in the provinces achieved good achievements ” .

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