Baghdad Investment Authority announces the distribution of the first batch of apartments “complex of the jewels of the Tigris” next month


Baghdad Investment Authority announced on Tuesday the distribution of the first batch of housing units for the project of the jewel of the Tigris residential investment in the holy region of Kadhimiya next month.
The head of the Baghdad Investment Authority Shaker Zamili said in a press statement that “the project of the complex of residential bridges in the holy region of Kadhimiya is one of the important investment projects in the field of housing, with an area of ​​54 acres and is implemented at a total cost of 240 million dollars.”
He explained that “the project consists of 984 units of housing are three types of buildings each with 11 floors, while the apartments range between (110, 130, 160, 204) m 2 per apartment,” noting that “the first phase of the complex includes the residential and the second And a five-star hotel with 11 floors will be designed in the style of international hotels due to its spectacular view of the Tigris River and the “Al-Imamain Al Jawadain”.
Al Zamili pointed out that “the work will continue to complete the annexes of the complex of health center, kindergartens, schools and shops,” explaining that “next March will see the distribution of 240 housing units within the first phase of the project.”

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