Saudi Arabia wants to invest Iraqi gas


An oil source revealed a desire to invest the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fields and the current exploration operations also in Anbar, adjacent to the city of Arar Saudi Arabia.
The source stressed that the Saudi side reiterated its desire to invest instead of Korean or Chinese companies, and that Iraq will deal with the issue according to the principle of benefit, not from a political framework, because the field is still subject to a previous contract with a Korean company and was frozen due to the security situation, In the event that there is a defect in either of them.
Iraq announced last November its control of the fire, which was ignited by “dodder” in the field of crutches, after withdrawing during the liberation of areas of Upper Euphrates and the desert island in the west of the country, after the arrival of special teams from the Ministry of Oil was able to extinguish the fire burning wells.
The oil ministry has already announced a plan to raise Iraq’s natural gas production to three times in 2018 by 1700 million cubic feet per day. Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said gas production would rise to 1,700 million cubic feet per day in 2018.
Last year, Iraq began exporting gas liquids from Basrah Gas Company, a joint venture between South Gas, Shell and Mitsubishi.
“Saudi Arabia’s expertise in the field of gas is not the same in the field of oil, but its attempt to preempt companies and countries and put its investment in the field of gas in Akbar in Anbar may be linked to the proximity of it, as well as trying to establish a successful project in the country is the nucleus of economic weight Her in Iraq. ”
He pointed out that there are other countries in the region may also intervene in the event of the field to invest effectively, and ultimately the whole subject is linked to the security file in Iraq in general, and that region in particular, especially as it is close to the Syrian border.

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