A source in the North Oil Company, Friday, that a foreign company received two oil fields for development south of Nineveh.
The source said in an interview that “the company Sonagol Angolan oil officially received fields Najma and Qayara within the contract was signed between the Ministry of Oil and the company in 2012,” noting that “the company withdrew at the time because of the security situation in the province.”
The source, who asked not to be named, said that “the company will develop and raise oil production in these fields.”
The oil reserves in the field of Qayyarah estimated at 800 million barrels, and in the field of the star about 900 million barrels, the type of heavy, which is less quality than the production of other fields in the country, and the field is smaller star of the field Qayara and heavy oil, which contains a large proportion Of kerosene and gas oil.


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