Maysan Oil Company annouشnced the completion of the drilling of 10 new wells in the field of Halafaya (35 km east of the center of Maysan province) during the month of December last.
“These new wells implemented by Chinese companies are Bohai, Dajin and Intell Oil and under the supervision of the Maysan oil cadres within the third and final phase of the development of the field, which continues at an escalating pace to reach a capacity of 400,000 barrels,” said Adnan Nushi, general manager of Maysan Oil Company. Daily”.
Noshi added that “the total of what has been drilled in the field of Halafaya since the start of the development managed by China Petrojina under the contract won in the second licensing rounds in 2009 was 232 wells.”
The field of the Halfaya field of large fields belonging to the Missan Oil Company was dug in the first exploratory well in 1976 and 14 wells were dug in the field until the year 2009 before the implementation of development by Petrojina.


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