The Ministry of Oil invites British companies to invest in the oil sector


Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi called on British companies to participate and invest in the oil and gas projects proposed by Iraq.
Al-Luaibi said during his meeting with the Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British Department of International Development, Alistair Burt, that Iraq is working on the ideal cooperation with international companies operating in the oil sector in order to promote this industry and the optimal investment of this national wealth, In addition to increasing infrastructure development projects across the country. During the past period, despite the economic and security challenges, we have made significant progress in implementing projects and increasing oil and gas production. ”
He added that the ministry announced many oil projects in the sectors of extraction and liquidation, gas investment and the extension of pipelines, and invited international companies, including British companies to participate in them.

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  1. Brad says

    This is all great news but I’m afraid that if your country can’t get your 2018 buget worked out and get rid of all the stealing in the government then none of the investors other then the USA along with the SBA is going to be your only hope.

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