Ministry of Communications: Connect optical cable with Saudi Arabia through Arar port


The engineering and technical staff of the Anbar Communications Directorate at the General Telecommunications Company, one of the Ministry of Communications, completed the work of connecting the optical cable with the Saudi side through the Tarasal Arar station in the Arar border post.
Eng. Hatem Mohamed Hassan, Director of the Directorate, said that the work included inspection procedures with the Saudi side and the arrival of the laser signal from the Saudi side, noting that the work comes to compensate the international sea and transit capacities due to the sudden occurrence of the long submarine cable (GBA) in the Arabian Gulf between Qatar and Bahrain To the bad Internet service in the recent period
(ITC), which is contracting with the General Telecommunications Company for the marketing of international marine and transit capacities at other capacities until the sudden repair of the submarine cable (GBA) in the Arabian Gulf.

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