British Export Insurance Corporation provides financial support to improve electricity generation in Iraq


Britain’s Export Insurance Corporation (UKEF) said on Wednesday it would provide substantial financial support to improve electricity generation in Iraq.
A statement issued by the British Embassy in Baghdad quoted Trade and Export Promotion Minister Rona Verhead as saying شthat the UKEF will provide $ 210.8 million in financial support under the second project agreed upon under the Memorandum of Understanding for Infrastructure in Iraq $ 10 million to upgrade and repair existing turbines at 10 locations by General Electric to provide an improved and safer energy source. ”
“The project will maintain 6.5 gigawatts of generating power, leading to the operation of millions of homes throughout Iraq,” she said.
“GE will provide advanced barrier and control solutions (GAP), a technology that will improve the performance of gas turbines and enable power plants in Baghdad, Karbala, Qadissiya, Babil, Najaf and Basra to operate more dynamically,” she said.
The electricity sector in Iraq suffers from very big problems and the government is trying to increase the generating capacity and privatization of the collection of electricity to provide electricity to the citizens. The Minister of Electricity is facing an investigation that may affect his political future as the elections approach and Iraq enters its orbit.

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