Baghdad and Erbil agree to transfer border ports to the General Authority of Ports


The delegations of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government agreed to transfer the official border ports in the Kurdistan region to the owners of the General Authority for Federal Border Ports.
The head of the General Authority for border ports Kazem penitentiary during a press conference in Sulaimaniyah, said that “implementation is not ordered from the cabinet committee was formed to hold meetings with the Kurdistan Regional Government on border crossing points were during the meetings agreed on the transfer of official border crossing points in the Kurdistan region on the angel of the Public Authority Federal border ports. ”
He added punitive, “There are four official border outlets in the Kurdistan region, which is Bachmag and Haj Omran and Pervez Khan and Ibrahim Khalil, and there are other informal outlets also need a formal recognition by the federal government.”
He pointed out that “a report has been submitted to the Council of Ministers on the informal border crossings for recognition.”
For his part, he said a member of the committee of border crossing points in the Kurdistan region, Brigadier-General Salar Abdullah, said that the “Committee of the Federal Government consisted of representatives of nine federal ministries visited the perpetrators of Kelly Siran item to see the economic feasibility of opening these ports.”
He pointed out that “the work of the Committee has been completed and the final report on these two implementations was submitted to the Presidency of the Federal Council of Ministers to take the appropriate decision on this subject.”

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