The largest water desalination project in Diyala has been launched


A local official in the province of Diyala on Tuesday announced the launch of the largest desalination project in the province, while the project will save the residents of the oldest housing complex in Diyala lack of drinking water.
“The project of desalination of water wells is the largest of its kind in Diyala, the first stages of construction started on the outskirts of the Hamreen compound, 10 kilometers east of Saadiyah,” said Ahmed al-Zarkushi, head of al-Saadiya district, 60 km northeast of Baquba.
“The project, with the support of the international organization Oxfam, came to desalinate the water of 12 artesian wells to secure drinking water for more than 500 families forming the residents of the Hamrin compound, which is one of the oldest residential complexes in Diyala in general.”
“The adoption of desalination technology will open the door to addressing a serious crisis in several areas of Diyala and ensure the stability of the population and face the severe drought seasons,” Zirkushi said.
Some areas of Diyala have recently implemented a limited desalination strategy to cope with the scarcity of river water and agricultural streams.

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