The General Company for the Automobile Industry contracts more than 71 billion dinars and reduces the prices of some cars


The General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the month of January, a number of contracts with the state departments and provincial councils to equip them with trucks and various mechanisms and specialized equipment and metal castings.
The contracts signed were distributed by five contracts with the South Oil Company, four contracts with the Oil Pipeline Company, three contracts with the Popular Propagation Authority and Diyala Province, and one contract with the municipality of Hilla, the Karbala sewerage department, Dar Al-Nahrain for printing and the northern refineries. And the municipality of Dujail.
He added that the total value of signed contracts amounted to (71) billion and (600) million dinars, pointing out that at the same time that the company has fulfilled its full contractual obligations for the past three years with the provinces of Diwaniyah and Maysan and the Popular Mobilization and Gas Filling Company and Oil Pipeline Company and Karbala sewerage and industries Including multi-purpose tailoring, road machines, various midwives, various basins, capacities, and other multiple mechanisms.
In another context, Salman explained a reduction in the prices of the sale of some cars produced in the factories of the company and for a period of three months from January this year to allow the largest number of citizens to buy these cars in line with the prevailing prices in the local markets, pointing out that the reduction included selling prices Only for cash and for four types of 2018 cars included (Ur X6 CARE Normal, Or X6 CAR AUTOMATIC, UR 620 SLID ROV and BYD) AUTOMATIC.
He pointed out that the traffic figure is granted after payment of the amount of (500) thousand dinars only in the directorates of traffic in Baghdad and the general provinces, pointing out that the reduction did not include the prices of sales installments for the existence of a contract with the banks funded.

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