Iraq presents Habbaniyah tourist city as an investment project at a cost of 25 million dollars


The National Investment Authority announced on Sunday the launch of Habbaniyah tourist city as an investment project at a cost of 25 million dollars.
“Iraq will present at the Kuwait International Conference, which will be held during February 12-14, a project to rehabilitate and develop the tourist city in Habbaniyah and build a sophisticated tourist city on the Razzazah lake as an investment opportunity with an area of ​​16 thousand acres on the banks of Lake Habbaniyah,” the agency said in a statement.
“The project includes the rehabilitation of the tourist hotel, the tourist apartments and the number of 200 tourist apartments according to the advanced specifications and the construction of the city of integrated games and marina, luxury restaurants, and a large tent, indicating that the lake will be similar to international tourist packages, indicating that the cost of the project will be about 25 million Dollar for the first phase “.
She added that “the intention to expand the cultural and media tourism tourism city, to become a tourist and cultural city at the same time, and be a kiss for all cultural and artistic festivals that will be later, providing all the appropriate climates, throughout the year and not in the months of short tourist activity, The rehabilitation plan includes the establishment of open and closed theaters, halls, guest houses and modern cinemas, as well as an information city and satellite stations. ”
The conference is scheduled to be held in Kuwait from February 12 to 14, and the first day will be devoted to the presentation of investment opportunities in Iraq. Other days will also be devoted to collecting $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of liberated cities. The World Bank.

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