The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas A. Silliman, confirmed the participation of more than 400 international companies in the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, to ​​be held in February.
During his meeting with Planning Minister Salman Jumaili, Silliman said his country would be “strongly supportive of the Kuwait conference and mobilize international support for Iraq to obtain the required support,” according to Kuwait’s Al Watan newspaper.
He added that “there are more than 400 international companies, including more than one hundred large US companies are ready to participate in the conference and to enter and invest in Iraq.”
“The Iraqi government has completed its preparations for the conference as the national document for the reconstruction of liberated areas will be presented in addition to a comprehensive report on the size and assessment of damage to those areas and a file representing the investment opportunities available in Iraq,” Jumaili said.
He pointed out that “the reconstruction phase will rely heavily on partnership with the private sector in the implementation of strategic projects, calling on friendly countries, including the United States to provide support to Iraq in the reconstruction process the level of support provided during the war on terrorism.”
It should be noted that Prime Minister Haider Abadi said in an interview during the Davos economic forum the need for Iraq to between 55 billion to 100 billion dollars for the reconstruction of the areas restored from Dahesh.


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